1. What are the University admission requirements?

For HKDSE applicants, students applying to HKUST are expected to satisfy General Admission Requirements and School-specific Requirements. The university general entrance requirements are 332233 in 4 core subjects plus 2 elective subjects. However, specific schools/programs may have specific requirements that are higher than the university general entrance requirements. Students are advised to go to?here?for further information.

For other applicants, students are expected to satisfy General Admission Requirements, School-specific Requirements and English Language Admission Requirement. HKUST welcome students with diverse educational background, we accept major high school qualifications, such as IB Diploma, GCEAL/IAL and SAT/AP. For details, please refer to?here.?

TOEFL and IELTS can serve as proof of English language proficiency, but these tests are not necessary if you meet the requirements with any other recognized qualifications such as IB English and GCE AS/AL English. For details, please visit?here.

Please refer to "What are the admissions requirements?" and "Do I need to submit TOEFL or IELTS?" under FAQ page in Undergraduate Admissions website.

2. How do I apply?

If you are HKDSE applicant, please submit your application via the JUPAS Website.

For other applicants, please submit your application online at HKUST Online Application System.

You must complete your application to HKUST by yourself, instead of through a third party. The personal information and email address you used to create your account will be carried to your application form automatically. Since we communicate with you mainly by email, do not share your email address with another applicant. Please note that you can submit only one application to HKUST for the same admission year.?

https://join.www.rentacallgirl.com/faq/admissions-applications?(FAQ page)

For students interested in Postgraduate Studies, please visit?Office of Postgraduate Studies.

3. Where can I send my supporting documents?

All documents, including personal statements, school transcripts, official transcripts, academic references and all other supplementary documents are to be submitted through online application system.

4. How do I know if my direct application has been successfully submitted to the University?

You will receive a HKUST Application Number to confirm receipt of your application through email. You may continue to upload additional documents to your account after submission of the application form. Keep your Application Number, as you will need to refer to this number in any and all future correspondence with HKUST.

5. When will I get my application results back?

For JUPAS applicants, students applying via JUPAS would be notified of their application results in August when the JUPAS Main Round offer results are announced.

For international qualifications/non-local applicants, the admission exercise is done on a rolling basis. This means that applicants will receive an admission decision at different times. Applicants eligible for Early Decision will receive a decision by late-December. We will continue to release more application results until April.

6. Who should I contact if I have questions?

You can find the answers to most questions on our Undergraduate Admissions website. However, if you cannot find an answer there, you are welcome to drop us an email or a call.

Undergraduate?Recruitment and Admissions Office
(852) 2623 1118

7. Where can I find FAQ specific to schools?

You are strongly encouraged to go over the Undergraduate Schools Program Section first. You may visit the FAQ session specific to each School through the following links:

Undergraduate Admissions website

School of Science

School of Engineering

School of Business and Management

School of Humanities and Social Science

Interdisciplinary Programs Office

8. Does HKUST offer scholarships?

Yes, HKUST is committed to supporting outstanding local and non-local students who choose to pursue their higher education. Scholarships are awarded to top students from all backgrounds based on academic merit and non-academic achievements.

For further details or inquiry about all scholarships, including application forms and procedures, please visit website of HKUST?Scholarships and Financial Aid Office.

9. Can I apply for credit transfer? How do I know how many credits I can get?

HKUST recognizes that a number of applicants may have taken advanced courses prior to their admission to university, eligible applicants may receive an admission offer with credit transfer. You may be granted up to 30 credits which will count towards the 120 credits required for graduation. As HKUST assesses applications on a case by case basis, it is not possible to confirm the number of credit transfer at this point in time without reviewing your application. Detailed advanced credit arrangements are available at this link.

10. What is the annual tuition fee?

For local students, the annual tuition fee is HK$42,100 per year. For non-local students, it’s HK$140,000 per year. If you apply for University-provided Accommodation, the accommodation fee will be ranging from HK$10,520?to HK$25,980,?per year for local students, and HK$12,940?to HK$31,960?per year for non-local students. For the latest information, please visit here.?

11. Do I need a student visa/entry permit?

Non-local students are required to obtain the following before coming to Hong Kong for study:?

  • ?student visa (if you are from an overseas country) ?
  • ?entry permit (if you are from Macao, Taiwan or Mainland China)


However, you do not need the student visa/ entry permit if you have one of the following for the period of study:

  • ?Right of Abode, (ii) Right to Land or (iii) “Unconditional Stay” status in Hong Kong. Check for the symbol “A”, “R” or “U” in the HKSAR smart ID.
  • ?Dependent Visa
  • ?Permission to stay in Hong Kong under the “Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates” (IANG) Scheme
  • ?Work Permit (for part-time students only)


You may find more information on?

12. How can I travel to HKUST?

You may find Public Transport information for going to HKUST in HKUST Location Map and the Transport Guide by Campus Service Office.

13. How can I contribute to HKUST?

HKUST values generous support for university development. Every donation is significant and lasting contribution. You may donate through our Online platform.